About Brian

Established in 1993, Wynn Surfboards began as a dream in a garage in Southern New Jersey. Brian, like many first time shapers, started shaping boards in his father’s workshop. Unlike most hobbyists, he took his calling seriously, so he packed up and submersed himself into Southern California’s hotbed for surfboard manufacturing. With an insatiable appetite to learn, he climbed the ladder of several well known glassing companies, and was able to collaborate with both professional surfers and shapers alike. Brian shaped for a variety of industry moguls such as Stu Kenson, Xanadu, Sharp eye, Dick Brewer, and Hotline, but mainly worked under the tutelage of Stu Kenson. After a decade of working as a glasser/shaper in San Diego, Brian established his own glassing/ manufacturing facility located on New Jersey’s East Coast. Today, Brian attributes much of his success to the diverse talents of those he has worked with in the past. However, he feels that the largest part of his success comes from his determination to produce the best custom boards possible. By producing only the highest quality custom boards, he has created a following that multiplies by word of mouth. Although Brian is considered by some to be an underground shaper, his reputation is quickly spreading across the globe. With a well rounded approach to shaping, Brian is rapidly becoming one of the East Coast’s most desirable custom board builders. Having the ability to shape on both the East and West coast has allowed him to maintain a thorough knowledge of both small wave and big wave design. According to Wynn, building the best board doesn’t stop with a good shape. Superior glassing and quality artwork can go a long way when it comes to a satisfied customer. With Wynn surfboards, you won’t find glitzy ad campaigns or smoke and mirrors to attract customers, but you will find Brian’s work to be his best advertisement.